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Becoming aware of my emotions and understanding how to manage them has significantly impacted me as an individual, my vision, mission, as a player, honestly I don’t know what I would have done with out the process and Dave.

Ben Murphy, Adirondack Thunder ECHL

This is the best mental toughness program specifically for hockey players. Building a plan to play consistent with confidence is an aspect of the game that will help you become the best version of  you.

Ron Kuhl, Owner, Hockey Hut

Having a Mental Toughness plan is essential to taking players to the next level, and I am so thankful for MTT. Dave has really helped me become more aware of my emotions and how they affect my team, and now I am a better coach because of it.

Dallas Steward, Associate Coach at Michigan Tech

I’ve spent the last nine years working with Doc, and he teaches you mental toughness skills that serve you during times of adversity. I’ve been fortunate enough to play in the NHL and to get there you get tested, and the skills I learned working with wally was one of the reasons I was able to get through it.

Daniel Carr, Nashville Predators, NHL

Moving up the ladder from prep school, junior hockey, college, and then to pro, you realize your mental toughness is just as important as your physical tools. Working on my mental toughness with Doc Wally has helped me with dealing with the ups and downs that come with the season. Having the tools and abilities to stay in the right mindset during the year is a necessity and truly separates players who move on and from players who get left behind. 

Jeff Taylor, Hartford Wolf Pack, AHL

Mental toughness is essential to every athlete who wants to be the best they possibly can. Every athlete faces adversity throughout their career and the one tool you can always rely on when things go south is your mental toughness. Without mental toughness it will be very hard for you to be successful on and off the ice. Working with Wally has made me aware of what kind of mental state I was in and how to get my mind back to where it needs to be. Wally taught me to use trigger words such as reload after every shift to make sure I’m living in the present. Dwelling on past mistakes will eventually creep in your game and make you more vulnerable to other mistakes.The trigger words helped me overcome mistakes quickly and I’m able to move on to the next play.

Nick Saracino, AHL Binghamton Devils/ ECHL Wheeling Nailers

Over the past few years of Dave coming to Liberty University to teach MTT, it has drastically changed the way I think about the game of hockey. I was always the player that had to have the last word and would end up getting penalties because of it. Last year I had 4 penalty minutes the whole season and I believe that if it weren’t for the MTT, that star would never exist. I am a firm believer that being able to control your emotions on the ice is a huge competitive advantage. Dave is not only teaching us how to be better athletes but he is preparing us for real world situations where our emotions need to be in check.

Josh Hamilton, Liberty Flames DI

MTT is the only program I have seen specifically designed for hockey players looking to become the best version of themselves, if you don’t have a plan to prepare for games, games, practices, and nutrition or don’t  have a way of building consistency into your routines so that you have consistency confidence then you need to invest into your mental toughness training.

Tim Jackman, Anaheim Ducks, Calgary Flames, NHL

Mental toughness is so critical in today’s game, understanding and managing your emotions are critical, I love what Dave does and how he communicates High and Low EI

Pierre-Luc Leblond, New Jersey Devils, Calgary Flames and Pittsburgh Penguins, NHL

Dave has helped me with my identity on and off the ice, I am totally different player but more importantly I am a better person now that I understand my vision and how it that works in my life

Tyler Brower, ECC Preussen Berlin Germany

I’ve been playing pro hockey for the last five years, after playing four years at Union College.  Doc Wally was able to help me become a pro hockey player, and I know he’s worked with several guys that have made it to the NHL. I highly suggest using Doc Wally’s mental toughness training.

Matt Bodie, Växjö Lakers, SHL

Before Wally, I was always frustrated during games, but Wally helped me take it one shift at a time. He taught me to simplify everything I do. As you move up in the hockey world, the margin for error gets so slim, and skill level gets so close. This is a way that you can help separate yourself from the rest of the pack.

Kevin Rooney, New Jersey Devils, NHL

Daniel Carr’s interview about the Predators’ 3-2 shootout win and two-game sweep of the Blues.

Wally Bzdell spoke to me about slowing down, and I’ve worked with him for a long time. So we’ve been working on having the ability to stop myself, slow down, and relax.

Daniel Carr, Nashville Predators, NHL

I’ve worked with Doc Wally for the past six years, first as a player at Union College and transitioning into my coaching career at Wilkes University.  Doc’s lessons are simple but profound. He gave me the tools to remain confident through the inevitable ups and downs of a hockey season. The Mental Toughness Training (MTT) program is a comprehensive resource that gives players of all ages access to the best mental toughness training.  I highly recommend the MTT program for anyone looking to maximize their potential on the ice.

Tyler Hynes, Head Coach, Wilkes University

I have a son in the USHL, and it’s called a development league. I think it is developing a huge mental game that some kids work through, and some do not. Every player in the USHL league goes through self-doubt and mental challenges. MTT was perfect timing for him to hear this information. Thanks again for all that you do. You guys are very much appreciated in helping players deal with adversity and educating us on how to handle it.

Chris Thiesing

We are always looking for great resources, and when Dave meets with our guys I know they will feel confident after his session with them.

Kirk Handy, Head Coach, Liberty Flames

I really love the mental toughness, preparation and insight that Dave brings to our team. I know our players are challenged to be more confident and trusting of each other when Dave is here coaching our young ladies. 

Chris Lowes, Coach, Liberty Flames Women

I love MTT, and so do our players. I have witnessed firsthand how it has prepared our players to play at the next level, we have seen several of our players become more prepared, have less stress, and play at the upper ranges of their ability. This training is a game changer.

John Olver, GM/Head Coach, NorthStar Christian Academy

Dave has been working with our college and pro  athletes for years on High and Low Emotional Intelligence. He is a good friend and extremely impactful with our organization. At some point skill and talent are the same, so mental toughness is essential to every athlete who wants to become an elite athlete and become the best version of themselves. We love mentally tough players and working with Dave and his MTT process.

Rick Randazzo, Director, FCA Ice Hockey

Last year we would have lost 4-5 to nothing, but this year, if we got down in the 2nd period,  we did our reload and were able to win the game. We are doing things we just haven’t done before. The guys that are doing MTT, and it is night and day. I remember last year one of our kids made a mistake at the Pepsi Arena. He left the ice and went to the locker room; he was so unhappy and stressed out with what he was doing that he just left the ice.  This year after going through MTT, he is one of our most consistent players. I can tell by the way he answers questions and uses his MTT journal that he is taking it seriously. I am really happy with the curriculum, and I appreciate everything you have done for us. Thank you, Dave.

Blaine Drescher, Head Hockey Coach, Christian Brothers Academy

The MTT plan has given me confidence and a plan for practice and games. I love having plan when I get into a weak channel, and this has taken my game and mental preparation to a whole new level.

Cam Kuhl, SUNY, Plattsburgh University