Many hockey players find it challenging to play consistently with confidence in pressure situations. Mental Toughness Training wants to change that! MTT Hockey helps you build your confidence and excel under high-pressure situations.  So you can be at your best every time you step onto the ice.

Develop a Mental Preperation Process

Create your own mental preperation process for practices and games that will move you closer to your dream and mission. Planning, instead of hoping, and learning to focus on the right things at the right times will eliminate the worries, fears, anxieties, and obstacles that are a part of life and hockey.

Build Your Confidence and Perform Your Best Under Pressure

Every hockey player on the planet struggles with their confidence at times; it doesn’t matter what level of hockey you are playing. Your greatest challenge is to perform consistently and confidently in high-pressure situations. Get powerful solutions to improve your confidence and perform under pressure.

Understand & manage your emotions

Apply the same mental toughness strategies as elite hockey players and Olympians to manage your emotions and perform well under pressure. When managed properly, your emotions are valuable tools. Recognize unhelpful emotions, manage them, and redirect to powerful and productive thoughts that help you play to your potential when it matters the most.


Mental Toughness Training (MTT) is your A-to-Z blueprint for building confidence and improving your mental strength.

Are you trying to improve the consistency in your game? Improve your confidence? Trying to play better in pressure situations? Are you hoping to play your best when it matters most?

When you think about the game of hockey, there are three things that you can train:

  1. Your hockey specific skills, hockey sense, game tactics.
  2. Your body – strength, speed, agility, nutrition, recovery, sleep.
  3. Your mind – focus; emotional management; self-awareness; dealing with frustration and disappointment; building confidence; attitude; being coachable, and overcoming doubts, worries, andfears, amongst other mental skills.

You have coaches to help you develop your on-ice skills. Most players have a strength coach to help develop their bodies. Do you have a coachto help you develop your mind and mental skills?

This program was developed as we recognize that the mind leads, and the body follows. Come game time, your skills, and your strength and conditioning determine your potential for that day. Your mind will dictate whether you play to your potential!

The mental side of the game has a tremendous impact on your long-term development, coachability, and game-time performance. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most under-trained parts of the game for too many players. This is often because of three constraints:

  • Players are not exposed to the importance of developing their
    mental skills or don’t fully buy-in to its importance.
  • Players don’t have access in their communities to high-quality
    mental skills training specifically for hockey players.
  • Cost and convenience – meeting one on one with a sport psychology coach can be expensive and coordinating times to meet can be challenging.

Dave and Wally (with over 65 years of combined experience in our game) designed this program to overcome these constraints and provide an opportunity for more players to start training their minds and developing their mental toughness skills for hockey and life outside the rink.

The MTT program is comprehensive but designed in a step by step approach. We provide: videos; written assignments; imagery and focusing exercises; imagery and relaxation audio recordings; periodic live video conferences; and a range of additional resources for hockey players to train their minds and develop their mental toughness skills. Additionally, the MTT program is cost-effective and can be done at your own pace from your home (or in the car, at the rink, etc.).

Our commitment and promise to you is that if you follow the program and work it; at its completion, you will have a clear, effective, and evidence-based mental preparation plan for your long-term development and game-time execution.

We invite you to own your development, train your mind, and join our MTT team of players and coaches. We look forward to helping you improve your game.

Imagine if you could:

  • ✓ Conquer your fears and anxiety to be able to say “I can do this!” confidently
  • ✓ Have a plan in place for your growth and development
  • ✓ Make a positive difference for your team on and off the ice

Your Coaches

Dave Jones

Super Dave is a hockey and sport psychology coach, with two national championship rings at the ACHA and Youth levels. Super Dave has coached multiple National Championship winning teams. From ACHA Division 1 Women Ice Hockey National Championship in 2019, to U14 Tier II Junior Hurricanes National Championship in 2019. In 2019, he coached six teams, where four of them went to National Tournament, and two of them won!

Before coaching championship winners, Dave spent most of his early childhood and adult life in and out of hockey rinks around the world. His love and skill for hockey led to a professional career in Europe playing in many countries, including Luxemburg, Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland, and Germany.

With his years of hockey experience and Masters of Science in Counseling Sport Psychology from California Southern University, Dave is dedicated to bringing out the best in athletes. Dave has worked with business executives and athletes in the NHL, NFL, and CrossFit to achieve their vision by developing mental skills training and enhancing emotional awareness techniques.

Dr. Wally Bzdell

Doc Wally has spent a lifetime in our game. He played junior hockey in the BCHL (captain his final season) and college hockey at Union College.

Doc brings 24+ years of mental toughness training experience in hockey, to this program. His work includes teams making the NCAA D1 tournament 11 times, advancing to the NCAA Division 1 men’s ice hockey Frozen Four in 2012, 2014, 2015, and 2019; and winning the National Championship back to back in 2014 and 2015!

NCAA D1 teams he’s worked with have won regular-season titles in the ECAC and Hockey East, as well as four ECAC tournament Championships (three men’s and one women’s title).

At the pro level, Doc served as the sport psychologist for an AHL team, and he’s helped over 20 players advance to the NHL (including a Stanley Cup finalist). He’s worked closely with three American Hockey League all-stars (including a league MVP winner) and seven players who have represented their countries in the World Junior Hockey Championships.

Doc Wally is a NYS licensed psychologist and USA Hockey level 5 coach. He’s coached a team to a NYS championship and currently coaches at the 14U AAA and high school levels.

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