MTT Hockey – Plan to Win Plus


MTT is a mental toughness training program that focuses on building your confidence. Confidence is an acquired skill. As a seasoned hockey player, you know what it’s like to not be on your skates for a couple of weeks. Your skating stride, timing, and stick handling are not in sync, your legs and hands feel like cement blocks, and you need a couple of practices to get your rhythm back. 



Includes All Items From The Toolbox & Plan To Win Package

✔ Optional $50 Annual Renewal

✔ Guide to Training Process

✔ Guide to Understanding Emotions

✔ Sample Mental Prep Training Schedule

✔ Guided Imagery Exercises

✔ Performance Cycles Guide

✔ 10 Step Plan to Build Confidence

✔ Vision Building Exercises

✔ Toolbox Access

✔ Nutrition Guide

✔ Glycemic Index Guide

✔ Sleep Guide

✔ Breathing Techniques

✔ Relaxation Exercises

✔ VIP Invite to 10 FREE Online Workshops with Super Dave and Doc Wally

✔ Includes MTT Journal with the resources organized in a spiral notebook


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